Why I like the Idea of the Loudspeaker Sourcing Show

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Craig Devin Explains Why He Likes the Concept of the Loudspeaker Sourcing Show

Since I have been working in Asia, I have developed a set of vendors over a 25 year span that I trust. This trust did not come easily, and requires diligent attention. If I could have contacted a third party and told them to collect the resources I need – and verify that they are indeed qualified, I could have saved myself…20 years.

Knowing that the exhibitors are truly the entities that they claim they are, not agents, or distributors, but manufacturers; knowing that they are reputable and have good quality systems; knowing that they can do what they say they can do. This is extremely valuable to anybody sourcing new designs in Asia.

Everybody who designs audio products should attend this show. Even if you are content with your current supply chain, this is the single best opportunity of any exhibition I attend to find truly qualified vendors that ONLY do loudspeaker technology under one roof. I could spend years on Alibaba, Global Sources or attending the various trade events in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai trying to identify the factories behind the exhibitors. All that effort has been done on my behalf with this show.

Craig Devin at Work

About Craig

Craig Devin, has over 35 years of experience in product development, manufacturing operations and enterprise management.  He has held executive and R&D leadership positions at Gibson Guitar, Alesis Studio Electronics, Behringer Holdings, Listen Technologies, and his own consultancy. He is currently managing director of AvantonePro, a studio electronics manufacturer.

He joined Alesis in 1988 as an engineer and became its president in 1998.  With over 25 years of offshore experience, Devin brings depth and breadth in multiple disciplines to his endeavors.

Craig be contacted by sending an email to:  craig@devindesign.com.


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