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Nanasha Hotel Grounds

What is The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show?

The show is an annual one-stop solution for loudspeaker brand buyers, engineers and their decision makers and makers of speaker test equipment to meet directly with qualified loudspeaker factories all under one roof over the course of the three day event.

Manufacturers are hand-picked based on their business history of providing quality loudspeaker solutions (or services related to loudspeaker product solutions). Only actual manufacturers will be allowed to attend, not third party brokers.

This eliminates the painful hassles of identifying the actual manufacturer so that everything from development to quality assurance to cost can be discussed easily and openly at the show.

Manufacturers will provide technical representation so that brand engineers and purchasing agents can identify the right manufacturer for their specific needs. The show is designed to create a level playing field for the entire industry and serve up most if not all the solutions necessary for brands to do business with the suppliers.


Who Should Attend?

Any person who is in a decision making or speaker design position for ANY TYPE of loudspeaker brand from consumer to professional should attend.

Any company involved with speaker-related services (such as industry test equipment) should attend.

The show is for ALL segments of the industry, including consumer, commercial, audiophile, musical instrument and professional applications. ALL types of speaker applications will be included from professional 18″ woofers to consumer headphone speakers.

If you are a loudspeaker designer, engineer, purchasing head or brand name owner you should attend this show. There will be many component manufacturers exhibiting. Types of companies exhibiting include: cone/surround assemblers, spiders, ceramic cones, dust cap, voice coil, lead wire, frames, top plate, magnets, t-yokes, connector board, every component manufacturer used in the assembly of low frequency, mid-range or high-range frequency driver units will be present.

There will also be approximately 15 different loudspeaker assembly manufacturers and supporting industry manufacturers such as loudspeaker cabinet, amplifiers and packaging factories exhibiting.

This is a loudspeaker specific sourcing show created for component manufacturers to show their goods directly to the decision makers and to loudspeaker assembly houses.

If your company is involved with the manufacturer of loudspeaker components or service related programs you should definitely consider exhibiting at the show. The show environment is completely optimized for conducting business – no drum kits or guitar amps to drowned out your discussions!

CLICK HERE to review our exhibitor registration page for all benefits to exhibitors.

I am going to the Hong Kong HKES Fall Show. Why should I also attend this show?

Because we eliminate the “noise,” distractions and layers between brands and suppliers. You will have the opportunity to talk directly with highly skilled suppliers and established service industry companies. This process can save you months if not years of time to find the right suppliers for your brands. Expert legal advice and other service industries will be exhibiting as well.

What types of suppliers will exhibit at the show?

All types of loudspeaker component manufacturers will be present as well as related product suppliers and experts in the supply chain processes.

Shipping companies, packaging companies, legal advice, translators and other service representatives will be available at the show to attempt to provide the complete supply chain management solutions.

CLICK HERE for a list of some of our vendor types and services available at the show. Our vendor types and services is always growing so contact us if you have questions about specific needs.

How are suppliers qualified that will be present at the show?

Vendors have been pre-qualified through an extensive vetting process to insure that each one:

  • provides high quality products directly
  • has in-house highly qualified engineering teams
  • does not compete with potential customers
  • has a track record of high integrity in the regards to their customers intellectual properties
  • is ethical in all their business dealings.

Companies are also qualified in the assessment of their ability to provide small quantities for new or boutique product lines.

Where Will the Show Be Held?

The show will held at the Nansha Grand Hotel in Nansha Guangzhou, P.R.China. The address is:
No.1, 2nd South Trade Road
New Coastal City, Nansha Guangzhou, P.R.China

CLICK HERE to visit the hotel website to make a reservation or for more hotel information.

How do I register for the show as an attendee (non-exhibitor)?

You can sign up by CLICKING HERE and choosing Attendee Registration. We are using PayPal’s secure service for all payments outside of China.

If you are in China (since China does not except PayPal payments) CLICK HERE to pay with Enter 18502027859 for the account and the amount of RMB 200.00 CNY.

How much does the show cost for each attendee?

Show registration is $30 for those registering through PayPal. If you register in China (see previous section) the cost is RMB 200.00 CNY.

The Nansha Grand Hotel is $95 per night with two beds per room. There is a free buffet breakfast each morning.

What if I have multiple employees that want to go to the show?

Please register every person individually for the show using the website so we can prepare individual show badges for your employees and accommodate the head count. We cannot register you through an email request. You must use the registration process on the website. If you have questions please use our contact form on this website to reach out directly.

Will my badge be mailed in advance or will I pick it up when I attend the show?

Badges will be provided once you get to the show.

Can I register when I get to the show?

Yes but we don’t recommend it since our staff will be actively preparing and working the show. Pre-registration will also provide you with more time to conduct business during the show.

How do I register as an Exhibitor?

You can sign up by CLICKING HERE and choosing company post smallExhibitor Registration.

Exhibitors will be provided with a large poster to display outside their suite. Please CLICK HERE or on the image to the right to see image requirements and the deadline for image submissions.

How much does it cost to register as an Exhibitor?

The cost is $2050 per exhibitor. All exhibitors receive the following:

  • Up to 4 exhibitor’s badges with names and company name.
  • Exhibition space hotel room with seaside view and 2 beds
  • Buffet breakfast for two
  • Free beer, coffee, tea, water, soda all show days.
  • Booth in the exhibition hall with a 1.8 meter table with 4 chairs, draped sidewalls and back, and an AC power outlet (for which an adapter may be needed).

Two free-standing posters/signs, 600mm (23.62″) wide by 1.6 meters (62.99″) tall, displaying your company’s name, logo, and five photographs of product or process.

How do I submit my images for the exhibitor posters?

Click here for size requirements and deadlines.

Do I need a Visa to go the show?

Yes. If you are arriving in Hong Kong you may go to the following location to obtain a visa or use the link below to learn how to obtain a visa before you travel.

Obtain a Visa When You Are in Hong Kong Here:

Shoestring Travel Limited
Flat A, 4th floor Alpha House
27 – 33 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong (MTR Exit E or C) entrance Peking Road.
Attn: Ms. Rowena
Tel: 852 2723 2306
Fax: 852 2721 2085

Obtain a Visa Prior to Your International Travel

CLICK HERE for information on obtaining your visa before you start your travels. This is the recommended procedure.

How do I get to the show?

Located at the new coastal city of Nansha, Guangzhou, Nansha Grand
Hotel is adjacent to the Nansha Port, a one-hour voyage from Hong Kong and Macau, and only ten minutes’ drive away from the nearest Metro station. At this predominant location, it is the only super deluxe five-star hotel by the sea in Guangzhou.

Nansha Grand Hotel Map
Is there a ferry ride from Hong Kong?

Yes. There are multiple daily trips from Hong Kong to the Nansha Ferry Terminal. The ferry leaves from the ferry terminal on Kowloon Island, takes 75 minutes, and puts you 500 meters from the hotel. There is only one ferry terminal on Kowloon that has ferry rides to China.


In Hong Kong, enter the ferry terminal on Kowloon island on the 2nd floor to purchase your ticket to Nansha.

For more specific information on the ferry schedule CLICK HERE.

Who is administering The Loudspeaker Show?

The show is being administered by Philip Richardson, Mandy Tsengand and Philip’s staff at Trueanalog OEM. Philip has a well known driver factory in Panyu, Guangzhou and has expertise in all areas of manufacturing and supplying quality components.

Can you keep me informed on the progress of the show?

Yes. CLICK HERE to sign up for our email updates that include announcements of featured suppliers and brands attending.

You can stay informed by reviewing our News section of the website.

CLICK HERE to follow us on Twitter to have show updates sent directly to your mobile phone.

I still have questions. How do I contact you?

CLICK HERE to go to our contact page and call us or use the form to send us an email.

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