ALMA International to Exhibit at the Loudspeaker Sourcing Show

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alma-logoWe are thrilled to announce ALMA International will be exhibiting at the Loudspeaker Sourcing Show in October.

ALMA is dedicated to improving the design and manufacture of loudspeakers. More on ALMA from their website:

“Our membership is comprised of loudspeaker designers and manufacturers as well as suppliers of test and measurement equipment and other products, consultants and other service providers to the loudspeaker industry. Individuals, academic institutions, educators, participating in the loudspeaker industry are encouraged to join. ALMA enjoys and welcomes a global membership.

ALMA offers multiple opportunities for networking among members by creating a marketplace where buyers and sellers may convene and connect via online and in person media. Educating through timely and effective communications to ALMA members, governments, businesses, the media, academia, and other appropriate audiences.”

Association Manager Barry Vogel adds: “ALMA looks forward to Increasing our membership through face to face discussions with attendees and fellow exhibitors. ALMA is all about connecting qualified buyers and sellers as well as improving the industry through education and communication. Connections count.”

Please join us at the show to talk directly with ALMA about all of the value and benefits of joining. Click here to review more information about ALMA on their website.


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